As a comprehensive solutions provider, we emphasise on continuous research and development to drive transformation and develop innovative solutions and concepts that cater to the needs and requirements of our business partners.

We have several in-house Mould Design teams and tooling capabilities that will ensure our products are designed for effective functionality. The design team is equipped with advanced software and systems to support the design and prototyping work, enabling them to create high quality and efficient moulds.

In addition, we are dedicated to explore solutions and technology that will continue to enhance our manufacturing processes to maintain our competitive advantage. Through automation and digitisation, we are able to improve our operational efficiency and deliver quality design and products.

Our in-house engineering teams have deep expertise and are equipped with tools to ensure effective manufacturing solutions customised to business partners' needs.

  • Process Innovation: Implemented fully-automated work cell for Terminal Trim and Form with a smart vision for error-proofing, as well as fully-automated insert moulding process with the integration of testing within one complete work cell
  • Mould Design Innovation: Injection compression moulding and degating in-mould technology capabilities
  • Error-Proofing: Sizing capability for terminal flatness compensation
  • Process Application: Designed carbon dioxide cleaning system for improving wire-bounding effects

To further strengthen our capabilities, we actively seek collaborations with synergistic partners that allow us to tap into their expertise and knowledge. These strategic initiatives contribute to our growth and enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions that will continue to exceed business partners' expectations.